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Maldorini Technologies LLC

Maldorini Technologies LLC is a technology company that is legally registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) with some Canadian ties. Among other technological applications and solutions, Maldorini Technologies LLC primarily focus on using the Web 3.0 technology to make life better, safer, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone around the world. Maldorini Technologies LLC was founded by P. S. Xavier and others in the early part of 2022. The founding members of Maldorini Technologies LLC created this company with the primary purpose and goal to make life much easier, safe and comfortable for everyone around the world through modern and advanced technology.
Take a detailed tour on our website to completely understand our idea, purpose, plans and implementations as we continue on our journey to make the world a better and safer place.

Our Vision

To create a world where everyone has unlimited and affordable access to the basic modern technologies they need to carry out their daily activities. A time when you can efficiently fulfill all your business activities from your mobile devices. A community where members can effortlessly make international payments and purchases without geographical or technological limitations. These and much more.

Our Mission

To make the world a much safer, better and enjoyable place through advanced and modern technology. In a nutshell, our Mission is to make life enjoyable for everyone while making profit at the same time.

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